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Highly focused boutique firm with specialized expertise in Antidumping Duty and Countervailing Duty Trade Remedies and Customs Law


The Law Offices of Nithya Nagarajan is a highly focused and specialized boutique law firm. We bring a unique commitment and dedication to defending and advising U.S. importers and foreign exporters facing trade remedy proceedings before U.S. government agencies and other foreign governments.

Nithya Nagarajan established the firm after over 15 years of experience within the same government agencies and courts which administer the trade remedy laws.

The international trade law and consulting firm of Law Offices of Nithya Nagarajan, LLC, is located near Washington, DC and has associated colleagues in India, China and several other countries. The firm focuses on the representation of companies with international trade remedy problems either in the United States or in foreign countries. Our primary practice areas and specialization is antidumping duty and countervailing duty trade remedy investigations and administrative reviews, as well as Customs issues, Customs compliance, trade litigation and appeals, antitrust matters, and general matters of international trade law.


We offer commitment without compromise with legal and business strategies to foreign exporters and importers who are facing antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings in the U.S. as well as in other countries.

We view the attorney-client relationship has an integral partnership designed to achieve a successful resolution to trade remedy actions. By partnering with our firm, exporters and importers of all sizes can effectively defend against and avail of the powerful tools available under U.S. trade laws. We deliver quality and success to our clients by delving deeply into our clients’ business worlds. We pride ourselves on becoming subject matter experts, caring about the minutiae of our clients’ products, people, manufacturing operations, markets, standards, and raw materials. We view ourselves as partners in addressing our clients’ legal challenges, and ensure that we are as responsive to our clients’ needs and concerns as we would want them to be to ours.


Our mission is to work with our clients to help them benefit from the powerful tools available under U.S. trade laws. Our focus is to work with our clients to develop cost effective legal strategies when faced with antidumping duty, countervailing duty, customs and other import restriction proceedings in the United States and in foreign markets.

We would welcome the opportunity to answer any questions that you have, or simply to better explain what we do and how we do it.