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The Practice


The best representation before the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the Department of Commerce (DOC) does not need to come at a high price. We deliver the highest quality legal representation for reasonable and cost-effective fees. Ms. Nagarajan, the founder, has extensive experience defending companies’ interests before the DOC and ITC and understands that each case is unique and different. Ms. Nagarajan’s key focus is to work with your company to understand and identify your needs, and tailor your representation accordingly.

Before founding the firm, Nithya Nagarajan spent over 15 years at the Department of Commerce as an analyst and legal counsel where she directly supervised and conducted trade remedy cases. Ms. Nagarajan was also a law clerk for Judge Evan J. Wallach at the US Court of International Trade, the appeals court that reviews the DOC and ITC’s decisions. Ms. Nagarajan is able to offer extensive insight gained from working for various U.S. government and judicial decision makers when formulating and executing an effective legal strategy for the defense of trade remedy proceeding.

Our firm respects the client’s need to be fully informed of all aspects of the case or matter in which they are involved. The firm’s members seek to work directly with the client to explain the procedures and outline the different strategies, alternatives, and risks involved at various stages of both administrative and litigation matters. We take pride in ensuring that no issue is either too minute or too difficult to be considered and understood by the client. From our perspective, the client’s needs are primary and accordingly the client must be respected and fully informed.

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